A short explanation of bind and .this in JavaScript

We’ve noticed that many people which start to learn JavaScript are having difficulties when they try to understand certain concepts.

Understanding how .this works it is one of these concepts.

This is usually explained better in conjunction with bind function.

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How to automatically insert AdSense ads in your WordPress posts

We’re using AdSense on some of our websites and it is pretty easy to add the ads code to WordPress pages or posts.

When you write a post or page all you have to do is to paste the AdSense code exactly where you want. The ads will appear on your page or post.

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How to hide ‘PHP Update Required’ widget on WordPress Dashboard

When you login to your WordPress dashboard, you land on a page with different boxes ( widgets ) like “At a Glance”, “Activity”, “Quick Draft”,  “WordPress Events and News” or “Welcome”.

You can have other widgets, depending on your installed plugins or even server configuration.

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Hide price and add to cart for WooCommerce

How to hide WooCommerce price and add to cart button for a certain product in your online shop? Probably you’ve wondered about this if you landed on this page. Or some of you might wonder why would you want to do this for a WooCommerce product. We want to sell the products, right?

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