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How to use different headers on different WordPress pages

Loading WordPress different headers on separate pages was something which I needed during my work on many websites. I’m not talking here about showing a different graphic image on separate pages. We will learn in this tutorial how to achieve this without creating separate .php files. This article is useful when you actually need totally […]

A simple solution for a CSS responsive background image

One of the problems I’ve encountered when I started to develop responsive websites was the ability to create a CSS responsive background image. Then I’ve found a solution which, for now, it is a good one and I would like to share it with you. The solution it is simple and it implies to use […]

Bootstrap 3 grid system explained

Bootstrap grid system overview UPDATE: There is a new article for Bootstrap 4 grid system which will help those who use a newer version of Bootstrap. Bootstrap grid system was confusing for me the first time I used it. Recently I did some research to change the old CSS framework that I usually use for […]